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LeapDB consulting services now available

The LeapDB team is ready to help you reach the performance goals for your database. LeapDB consulting services can help you tune your existing database or you can engage with LeapDB regarding database design and systems engineering.

Our most popular service is the PERFORMANCE AUDIT.
A performance audit takes a top-down look at your database server, finding your slowest queries and providing solutions immediately to your most pressing performance problems. Most performance audits take 4 hours or less to complete. PERFORMANCE AUDITS start at $500 for up to four hours of engagement.

OLTP database design and support
Database design is another popular consulting area. Our experts will help you design and plan a database schema that supports high performance OLTP access. This includes help with normalization and denormalization, and help with materialized views with LeapDB.

Data warehouse and data mart design and support
Most OLAP products expect to query data in a star schema. LeapDB includes the WARP storage engine and it is also available as part of WarpSQL, our open source distribution of MySQL. The WARP storage engine is a columnar storage engine with automatic bitmap indexing and star schema optimization query parallelization. LeapDB can help you design your star schema


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