Justin Swanhart


Hi. I’m Justin Swanhart, the CEO and founder of Leap DB. I’ve been working with databases and distributed systems for my entire twenty-two-year career.


Justin Swanhart

Justin Swanhart is the CEO and founder of Leap DB.  I’ve been working with databases and distributed systems for my entire twenty-two year career.  While I started out as an Oracle DBA, most of my career I have focused on open source database products, including MySQL and MariaDB, designing tools, applications, and systems that bring enterprise database features of closed source databases to open source databases, focused mainly in the OLAP, analytics, and reporting spaces, which are underrepresented in the MySQL and MariaDB ecosystems. 

Justin has worked at and with many fortune 1000 companies. I was the platform DBA at Yahoo!.  I have been employed by some of the largest ecommerce, gaming, and advertising services on the Internet.  I was a consultant, support engineer, and trainer at the top MySQL consulting practices, including Percona and Proven Scaling.

MySQL solutions are generally focused on OLTP (online transaction processing) performance, but reporting on the large volumes of data generated by these systems is generally problematic because MySQL and MariaDB queries are single threaded and these databases lack materialized views, which provide an ACID compliant and consistent denormalization capability to databases.

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